Notices deliver System and Engagement messaging, informing the user about product or account statuses and related actions.

Item Applied to Description
aria-labelledby="[id]" .s-toast Used to reference the alert message within the dialog. If you are using .s-toast, this must be applied. (Source)
aria-hidden="[state]" .s-toast Informs assistive technologies (such as screen readers) if they should ignore the element. When applied to .s-toast, Stacks will use this attribute to show or hide the toast. (Source)
aria-label="[text]" .s-btn Labels the element for assistive technologies (such as screen readers). This should be used on any button that does not contain text content. (Source)
role="alert" .s-notice A form of live region which contains important, usually time-sensitive, information. Elements with an alert role have an implicit aria-live value of assertive and implicit aria-atomic value of true. (Source)
role="alertdialog" .s-toast The wrapping content area of an alert. Elements with the alertdialog role must use the aria-describedby attribute to reference the alert message within the dialog. (Source)
role="status" .s-notice A form of live region which contains advisory information but isn't important enough to justify an alert role. Elements with a status role have an implicit aria-live value of polite and implicit aria-atomic value of true. If the element controlling the status appears in a different area of the page, you must make the relationship explicit with the aria-controls attribute. (Source)
Class Applied to Description
.s-notice N/A Default style used to separate notices from the main content.
.s-notice--btn N/A Child element applied to .s-btn within a toast to give it a subtle tint that’s appropriate in that context.
.s-notice__info .s-notice Visual style for information notices.
.s-notice__success .s-notice Visual style for success notices.
.s-notice__warning .s-notice Visual style for warning notices.
.s-notice__danger .s-notice Visual style for danger notices.
.s-notice__important .s-notice Emboldens the above visual styles by strengthening the background saturation. This should be used for time-sensitive, pressing information that needs to be noticed by the user.

Default style used to separate notices from the main content

<div class="s-notice" role="status"></div>
<div class="s-notice s-notice__info" role="status"></div>
<div class="s-notice s-notice__success" role="status"></div>
<div class="s-notice s-notice__warning" role="status"></div>
<div class="s-notice s-notice__danger" role="status"></div>

Default filled message style

Info filled message style

Success filled message style Link

Warning filled message style

Danger filled message style

Used sparingly for when an important notice needs to be noticed

<div class="s-notice s-notice__important" role="alert"></div>
<div class="s-notice s-notice__info s-notice__important" role="alert"></div>
<div class="s-notice s-notice__success s-notice__important" role="alert"><a class="s-link s-link__inherit s-link__underlined" href="…"></a></div>
<div class="s-notice s-notice__warning s-notice__important" role="alert"></div>
<div class="s-notice s-notice__danger s-notice__important" role="alert"></div>
Behavior Class Applied to Description
Inline .s-notice N/A Notice inserted within the content area.
Toast .s-toast Container Adds a container to properly fix a floating toast notice to the top-center of the page. These toasts typically disappear after a set time (i.e. 3 seconds)

Default behavior for notices that are inserted within the content area

<div class="s-notice s-notice__info" role="status"></div>

Inline notice message style

Notices are often accompanied by an icon.

<div class="d-flex s-notice s-notice__info" role="status">
<div class="flex--item mr8">
<div class="flex--item lh-lg">

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Floating notices, but aligned to the top and center of the page and they disappear after a set time. Visibility is changed with animation by toggling between aria-hidden="true" and aria-hidden="false". When including buttons, you can apply .s-notice--btn to buttons to apply a toast-specific color.

<div class="s-toast" aria-hidden="true" role="alertdialog" aria-labelledby="notice-message">
<aside class="s-notice s-notice__success p8 pl16">
<div class="d-flex gx16 ai-center jc-space-between">
<div class="flex--item" id="notice-message">
Toast notice message with an undo button
<div class="d-flex">
<button type="button" class="s-btn s-notice--btn">
<button type="button" class="s-btn s-notice--btn" aria-label="Dismiss">
Toast notice message with an undo button
Toast notice message with an undo button
Toast notice message with an undo button
Toast notice message with an undo button
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