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Vertical alignment

Atomic vertical alignment classes allow you to change an element’s vertical alignment quickly.

Class Output
.va-baseline vertical-align: baseline;
.va-bottom vertical-align: bottom;
.va-middle vertical-align: middle;
.va-sub vertical-align: sub;
.va-super vertical-align: super;
.va-text-bottom vertical-align: text-bottom;
.va-text-top vertical-align: text-top;
.va-top vertical-align: top;
.va-unset vertical-align: unset;
<div class="va-baseline"></div>
<div class="va-bottom"></div>
<div class="va-middle"></div>
<div class="va-sub"></div>
<div class="va-super"></div>
<div class="va-text-bottom"></div>
<div class="va-text-top"></div>
<div class="va-top"></div>
<div class="va-unset"></div>
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